IMG_2659So this is that awkward  ‘About ’ page where you’re not sure what to say, but know whatever you do say should be sharp and witty enough to hook everyone who reads it into wanting to read more of your amazing inner thoughts.

And that’s the crux of the problem; amazing inner thoughts are tricky little fish, hard to catch and a lot more impressive to the catcher than to he person viewing them from a distance. And yes, this is an apology for the inevitable scarcity of the aforementioned little fish.

It only seems fair for me to warn you that this blog will be populated by some fairly random bits and bobs. I find the world a fascinating and perplexing place, and a lot of that surprise, wonder and disappointment, filters down into my writing.

My work in progress has felt like demonic possession on more than one occasion and it colours pretty much everything I do. I’m sure I’m not the only writer who steps into the Otherworld when she sits down to write, or has her characters’ voices filling up the quiet spaces in her day. I often wonder if all I’m experiencing is a darker and more grown up version of imaginary friends.

I would love to hear from other book lovers and fellow writers, whether they’re published or trying to be, or even if the words in their head haven’t quite made it to the page yet, all will be welcomed with virtual cup of tea and a piece of cake…or a glass of wine depending on the time.

Although I have been writing with purpose for the last four years, and  it has been a passion of mine since I discovered the joy and pain of scribbling angsty teenage poetry, all this feels very new to me, in a scary, revealing way, so any advice, observations and interaction would be most welcome.

And please tell me I’m not the only one with a head full of imaginary friends….

A random picture of my sitting room window....and one of my favourite places to write.
A random picture of my sitting room window….and one of my favourite places to write.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Deb – good luck with your novel. I too have discovered that I love writing, tho for me quite late in life. My second book is coming out soon (I am self-published) and being the author, illustrator, publisher and marketing department gives me a lot of hats to wear, so I’m happy to be a Gemini! I get the impression you are in the UK – not quite sure why – and look forward to your posts.


    1. Thanks! You sound like you really have your hands full! I am in the UK, on the border between Staffordshire and Cheshire, and lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful landscapes – very inspiring for any creative effort!


  2. First off, you are not alone. I have the “imaginary friends” too. I call them muses so people think I’m artsy rather than crazy. 😉

    Secondly, I know you’ll never take me up on this, but I so admire your blog, and I nominated you to participate in a quotation challenge. Even if you don’t participate, here’s the link to my post explaining it:


    And here’s what I said about your blog (in case you don’t want to go to mine to read it!):

    Deb Allen of White Deer Girl–Another extraordinary photographer, Deb Allen posts life-altering quotations fairly regularly, so this should be right in her wheel house.

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    1. I would love to take part in your challenge. The only problem I can foresee is selecting a mere three quotations! Thank you for thinking of me and my rather random blog, and for the unexpected, but wonderful, compliment on my photography.
      In return I would say how beautifully you express some very deep and difficult topics. Authenticity in expression is a skill that I admire very much. Thanks once again.

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