May Day.


Green Woman by Brian Froud

Coming east we left the animals
pelican beaver osprey muskrat and snake
their hair and skin and feathers
their eyes in the dark: red and green.
Your finger drawing my mouth.

Blessed are they who remember
that what they now have they once longed for.

A day a year ago last summer
God filled me with himself, like gold, inside,
deeper inside than marrow.

This close to God this close to you:
walking into the river at Wolf with
the animals. The snake’s
green skin, lit from inside. Our second life.

The River at Wolf – Jean Valentine.

It’s very wet and windy beyond by windows today, and I’m still patiently waiting for the hawthorn to bloom, but I’ll welcome in the May despite all that. Wherever you are, and whatever the weather have a happy and abundant Beltane.

FullSizeRender (1)
Art by Sam Cannon.

I bought the Sam Cannon card from the Funky Aardvark art gallery in Chester. I think it’s a wonderful and accessible way to support artists. So many gorgeous images and not enough birthdays!


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