November New Moon Song.


I am lifting to thee my hands,
I am bowing to thee my head,
I am giving thee my love,
Thou glorious jewel of all the ages.
I am raising to thee mine eye,
I am bending to thee my head,
I am offering thee my love,
Thou new moon of all the ages!

Hail unto thee,
Jewel of the night!
Beauty of the heavens,
Jewel of the night!
Mother of the stars,
Jewel of the night!
Fosterling of the sun,
Jewel of the night!
Majesty of the stars,
Jewel of the night!
Hail to thee, thou new moon.

Excerpt from ‘New Moon of the seasons: Prayers from the Highlands and Islands’ by Alexander Carmichael.


 The New Moon rising in Scorpius amidst a cluster of planets on this blustery November morning. The year is slowly winding down to the longest night, the trees are slipping into sleep, and the stars, if we’re lucky, can become as familiar to us as the daylight skies. Time to look up, time to look into the mirror and see that face reflecting back….

‘Hello old lady, I know your face well, I know it well…’


All Alexander Carmichael’s books are well worth a read and constitute a fascinating document of both folklore and worship, and everyone should already own every Kate Bush song in the world ever – if you don’t please rectify this immediately.


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