#FridayReads: The Bitterwood Bible – Angela Slatter.


Wet leaves and old walls; an October morning in Horton.


Aaahh… what a Belladonna of a book. This collection is a black feathered circling of short stories both mythic and homely, as well as perplexing and sinister. We move from the Coffin Maker’s Daughter, past The Maiden In The Ice, through St Dymphna’s School For Poison Girls, to learn, finally, the Spells For Coming Forth By Daylight, all under the expert navigation of the seriously lyrical Angela Slatter.

I consumed this wonderful book within 24 hrs; if the annoying need for sleep had not intervened I would have yomped it in one sitting. My inner Maleficent is still purring over the stories, so thank the Murcianii that it definitely qualifies as a book worth the re-reading. It glitters, darkly. Read it.


“The door ia a rich red wood, heavily carved with improving scenes from the the trials of Job. An angel’s head, cast in brass, serves as a knocker and when I let it go to rest back in its groove, the eyes fly open, indignant and watch me with suspicion…the dead man’s daughter opens the door.”


“The igneous colours of the afternoon have cooled and frozen in the moonlight and seem as blown glass across our coverlets.”

Art by Rachel Toll.

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