Good Wishes Needed.


It’s been a worrying time. My old,old dog Bindi suffered a minor stroke a couple of weeks ago, and then another last Saturday. Thankfully she’s back on her feet, a little lop-sided but still wagging, still overly excited at the prospect of dinner. As a rescue dog, with a list of ‘issues’ as impressive as it is long,her history is a mystery to us, but her present is incredibly precious, and her future vital, especially for me. We still have stuff to do, Bindi, so stick around a bit longer. After all, who else is going bark all night at the owl hooting on the chimney stack?


Add to that poor Professor Whiskas, who is now having to be bottle fed. The little chap turned out to be a lot younger than we first believed and began to weaken. But after a week of four hourly bottle feeds he’s definitely stronger (and louder!). What a couple of weeks…

So as an antidote to all the worry and gloom here is the slice of last night’s pizza I’m currently having for breakfast…IMG_0465

…and my new favourite song…



2 thoughts on “Good Wishes Needed.

    1. Thank you so much! My lovely Bindi seems to have stabilised, thank goodness, so I’m feeling a little more optimistic. And Roscoe is adorable!!


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