August Storm.

Rainbow over Horton.
Rainbow over Horton.

The harvest in the kitchen garden is well under way. My hearty plot has been providing us with food all season, despite everything (!), but the onion, garlic and potato harvest always fills the house with abundance. The carrots, greens, beetroots and beans will carry until the frosts stop them in their tracks, but, hopefully, that change is way off. The days are still warm, even if laced with the particular scent of autumn, and the weather , and nature, is kind.

I stood in short sleeves sowing my winter crops as the above storm came in, the rain a veil between my fields and the next, with the sunlight still shining through, and I thought of the countless times I have been caught in this moment, under changing skies as the wheel turns. I love the seasons. I love the change. I love the permanence. But most of all I love the crate of vegetables I carry  through an orchard heavy with apples and plums, past hedgerows full of blackberries down to my kitchen table, surrounded by dogs and kids and random others.

This is the year’s harvest, and, as I said, Nature has been kind.

Rain between the fields.
Rain between the fields.

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