Monday Reads – The Walker’s Guide to Outdoor Clues and Signs.

The Walker’s guide to outdoor clues and signs – by Tristan Gooley.

A great book, and nicely enhanced by my polkadot pyjamas.
A great book, and nicely enhanced by my polkadot pyjamas.

This magnificent book set my inner wildwomen afire! In fact both my nearest and dearest, and various random strangers, are still feeling the repercussions. I’m still dropping amazing facts into otherwise unrelated conversations, informing young, confused children on the simplicity of navigating a forest using only the roots of trees and insisting that all who meet me should undulge immediately (or maybe after dark) in some moon hiking. To be honest, people have begun to rather tire of my obssession. No doubt they’ll change their minds when they find themselves lost in a directionless wilderness with nothing but a stout stick and an overly excited woman clutching her dog eared book.

Surely everyone of us asks the question –

  • How can I use leaves as a compass?
  • What clues are there in the colours of a rainbow?
  • How can I tell the time using the stars?
  • How can I tell if the moon will co-operate with a night walk?
  • What does it mean if snowflakes get bigger?

And if you don’t, you should. Read this splendid book and become as inspired, and Sherlockian, a hiker as you could possibly wish. Not to mention mildly irritating.

I bid you good navigating!


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