New Week. New Book: Monday Reads.

Mondays can be tough. The real world has waited patiently for you to step into your working week, piling up the to-dos and strewing your path with banana skins. By Monday evening the weekend has all but disappeared, fallen away behind you and the next one is just a tiny sunlit dot on the distant horizon.

So what does the smart life-wrangler do in these situations? They slam the door in the world’s face, pour themselves a glass of wine and open up a new book. Although, to be honest, this is my default reaction to most of life’s discomforts.

But from now on Mondays will be magnificent. I will render you world-proof. I will conjure a talisman to make your new week shine, and I’ll accomplish this, and more, through the limitless power of books.

Get the wine in the fridge, your PJs on and shift the cat off the comfy chair – It’s time for Monday Reads….

Caitlin Moran – How To Be A Woman.IMG_1004

I’m rather late to this particular party, I know, but it was totally worth the wait. This is the funniest book I’ve read in years, full of the stuff we never talk about: the scars and flaws we’d never admit to; the unspoken but unavoidable trip hazards of being a woman. Poignant, honest, brutal and enlightening: this is the book I’ll be buying for every teenage girl I know… and every teenage boy.


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