Photo by Katerina Plotnikova.
Photo by Katerina Plotnikova.


The hunt came through today. It made me sad. It made me remember that my heart had belonged to the horse in those years before I became the fox.

Excerpt from ‘The Dragonfly Tattoo’.


3 thoughts on “Sionnach.

    1. I love this photo too! It’s one of my favourites. The text is an excerpt from my novel and the photo is by Katerina Plotnikova. I have another photograph of hers on my blog illustrating the poem ‘The Thought Fox’- you should check that pic out too, it’s beautiful. I also have a deep and abiding love for foxes, which is one of the reasons the main female protagonist in my book is so closely entwined with her foxy self. Researching for this character has lead me down some very interesting paths, which is exactly what you would expect from a fox! I’m hoping to write a piece about this research very soon. If there are any resources you can recommend I’d be very grateful.
      Just as an interesting aside – one of our local foxes was yowling across the field outside my bedroom window last night. I sat and listened, and was sorely tempted to sneak outside to catch a glimpse. Lovely, lovely Sionnach.


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