Surgery Over. Life Begins Again.

The Way Home.
The Way Home.

For the last 14 months I’ve been suffering from a relatively obscure neurological condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia. I’ll skip the boring science-y bit and just assure you that having a misfiring nerve cluster is not ideal, especially when those nerves spiderweb pretty much across the whole of the right side of your face.As a consequence my blogging, as well as every other day to day activity, was sporadic, and as the months progressed, became increasingly impossible.

So it is with a head full of sunshine and a heart full of gratitude that I now declare the Dread Demon of Trigeminal Neuralgia well and truly exorcised. My surgery took place on Friday 13th June and was performed by a genius Neurosurgeon called Professor Andrew King. I was discharged from hospital two days later, despite the invasive nature of the surgery, which is pretty much concrete proof that vegetarianism really does make you superhuman, and I can’t quite believe how well I feel.

And today is a day worth sharing – I went for my first post op bike ride (slow and steady) and finally got to wash my hair (cautious and blissful) ; the staples, all 13 of them, were removed on Monday, and I will be cooking my first home cooked meal, Pizza with all the toppings, in honour of my lovely daughter’s return from a well earned break on the Pembrokeshire coast. She has proved an excellent nurse: capable, bossy and gratifyingly grossed out by my surgical wound.

I know this post is incredibly off topic, but it’s hard not to sing my heart out in every corner of my universe, and I’ve encountered a lot of kind, interested and warmly inclusive folks here amongst the blogs. I also want to reach out to anyone else stumbling under the burden of TN, caught between the fear of brain surgery and the desperate need to be free of pain – if you possibly can get that demon done good. As a consequence of all this excitement my blog will probably be mostly photographic for the next few weeks, many of the pics taken by my son, @archaeologystudent on instagram, but at least now, pain free, I will be able read, write about and share all the wonderful, winding paths that are found right beneath a writer’s feet. Anyone else noticed that it’s a really beautiful day?

Beware - Wobbly Woman on Bike.
Beware – Wobbly Woman on Bike.

2 thoughts on “Surgery Over. Life Begins Again.

  1. Congratulations on your surgery!!!!!! I am so happy another TN sufferer is getting relief. I have surgery tomorrow. Not microvascular decompression surgery, but motor cortex stimulation due to my specific situation. I consider it my cyborg surgery. I am nervous, but your post was very uplifting. Thank you!


    1. I’m so glad my post helped! I can honestly say deciding to have the surgery was one of the best things I’ve ever done. You will wake from your op and the damned TN will be banished! I’ll be thinking of you and your cyborg surgery tomorrow (and picturing how happy you’re going to be when you eat that first meal without it setting your face ablaze!) It’s exactly 8 weeks since my surgery and I have never felt better. Please let me know how you get on. Good Luck!!


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